You’re welcome

Vladimir Dzhuvinov said:

Despite the clearly stated CC license, feeling it would be more polite, I would like to ask you for your permission your work to be translated into Bulgarian, so it can be presented at the upcoming OpenFest 2006 in Sofia.

OpenFest is an annual event where people meet to discuss open software, shared culture and various business models based around these concepts.

There is a steadily growing number of Creative Commons related projects in Bulgaria. One of the more interesting is the so called Creative Commons House (C3), which comprises a recording studio, a photo studio, a small theatre stage and a publishing studio. The C3-House is intended to work in two ways:

1) In a Creative Commons “mode” where artists can freely use the facilities, provided their creations (music, photos, etc.) are then made available under a CC license.

2) A commercial “mode” where the facilities are used for a fee and the user doesn’t have any obligations regarding the sharing of his works; this mode is meant to subsidise the other one

Currently only the recording studio and part of the photo studio are complete. The intention behind the C3-House is to promote the ideas of Creative Commons and to give young and budding artists an opportunity to express themselves and start successful careers. This initiative is backed mostly by young professionals who work in IT, business, politics and culture.

Rosemary replies: I should have said – thank you for asking! I’d be delighted if Unbounded Freedom turns out to be useful in Bulgarian at OpenFest 2006. If you have time – do let me know.

Meanwhile it transpires that, as Anais 9000 reported last Saturday – a digitally-voiced audiobook podcast of Unbounded Freedom has been made available at Amazing.

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2 Comments on “You’re welcome”

  1. Thank you 🙂

    Time is a bit tight, OpenFest 2006 is due to start in couple of weeks time so the translation might not be completed by then.

  2. Out looking for ideas on a candle blog and found this site. I’m fresh out of creativity and needed new thoughts on themes, colors, etc. I have some new ideas now, thanks.

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