Can a sharing economy be a ‘fake’?

OpenBusiness is following up on a discussion by Larry Lessig and Joi Ito – “Is YouTube web 2.0 ?” They argue that there is a “fake sharing economy” emerging. YouTube does not allow downloading, nor does it encourage remixing, or re-use (in contrast to services like Revver). In that respect, YouTube is a service which lives off user-generated content, but does not empower individual creativity.

OpenBusiness will publish a series of responses. The first one is here:

This relates to the need to define Open Services:

If or flickr are nothing without their users should we explore distributed ownership and investment structures? Is it right and sustainable that “enabling shells” such as flickr, YouTube or digg are owned by one big company?

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One Comment on “Can a sharing economy be a ‘fake’?”

  1. drew Roberts Says:

    My take is than anyone using the NC option of CC or its equivalent is not really empowering the remix commons or economy or art and culture.

    I think we seriously need to figure out ways to earn a living while using copyleft licenses or simple attributin type licenses.

    I think this NC stuff is a false come on that will end up biting those who are trying to be ore community minded.

    all the best,

    Sayings – a novel in progress for NaNoWriMo 2006
    Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license
    Enjoy… Re-use…

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