2.0 new ways of being and doing

Joi Ito(see below  in Bulgaria) – has been interviewed by The Japan Times Online. He has lots of interesting things to say about democracy and the net – also this on what he can learn about leadership from the video game, World of Warcraft ( WoW):

Video games have always been kind of stigmatized, and they are kind of a working-class entertainment. When I go to my WoW guild, my raid leader is a night-shift nurse. We have bartenders. We have unemployed people, lots of military folks, policemen — there is a community made up of a very diverse set of people. And what’s interesting is that every single MBA who has tried to take the leadership role in the guild has failed. Leadership in these kinds of situations is much more about listening, and leadership is not exclusive to people in the leading class. It kind of translates into, say, understanding how open-source projects work, or how Firefox might be managed. This may all sound like a very long, elaborated excuse for playing lots of World of Warcraft. (Laugh) But I can learn a lot of things in places where typically people don’t think there is learning.

Meanwhile, here is Matt Hanson at the Leeds Film Festival explaining why his Cinema 2.0 project is on a CC license:

I’ve been involved in producing VJ and remix cinema projects. I like the idea of sampling other work, and doing it legitimately. So this is a digital community project as I want to give something back to the community by opening it up for free sharing and non-commercial use, as well as commercial sampling.

There’s a huge opportunity in more open content that Hollywood and the music industry haven’t realised or been able to move toward because their business models are predicated on something else.

As consumers we are all becoming used to creating our own media, and viewing it how we want. As such personally I don’t want to cripple my media with bad DRM and punish viewers/users of my material.

But Matt hasn’t given up entirely on auteurs… Nicole Wistreich interviewed him for netribution:


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