Tie me up, tie me down?

This Xmas, I was disappointed to discover that one of my favourite movie directors, Pedro Almodovar, has been heading up an all-star cast in a ‘culture comes first’ campaign to defend EU artists’ levies on private copying. See euobserver on this and a wider ‘gloves-off’ debate on EU regulation entitled ‘Creative rights focus’.

Since I have personally expended quite a lot of effort in showing how even this original genius might be seen as standing on previous giants’ shoulders, I do hope he’ll reconsider and instead of being on the wrong side of history here, go into an alliance with his audiences against DRM constraints. I would like to point him to one of those ‘forward scoping’ articles in a recent FT about how ‘entertainment industry executives’ are discovering ‘distribution’.  Apart from anything else, his films are so pre-eminently remixable…

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One Comment on “Tie me up, tie me down?”

  1. Ian Murray Says:

    Judging by the lack of responses it scarcely seems worth responding so I won’t

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